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Hotels & Restaurants

A professional solution for air conditioning and cooling systems for hotels & restaurants.

Professional air conditioning solutions and cooling systems for restaurants, bars and catering facilities. Provide fresh and purified air in all areas of the facility, temperature control, quality and fresh food with systems that will meet the specific needs of your facility and business activity. Smart air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems enable remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment, expand your spatial and storage capacities, do not compromise the appearance of the interior, reduce operating costs and make the restaurant environment perfect for guests, staff and equipment. Provide your guests with the perfect ambience and a superb gastronomic experience.

Ventilation and air conditioning in restaurants

The size of the facility and the differences in the specific requirements of restaurant, administrative, common and auxiliary rooms and kitchen make the air conditioning systems in restaurants complex. Air conditioning and ventilation systems must be adapted to all areas of the restaurant, from the entrance to the table, in accordance with temperature fluctuations due to occupancy and season. Ventilation solutions enable the systematic elimination of prevailing odours and excess heat resulting from the operation of the kitchen at full capacity. Air conditioning solutions for restaurants require careful planning and system flexibility in accordance with building regulations and SES standards. Air conditioning systems of compact dimensions enable maximum space savings. The possibility of concealed installation of units without compromising the appearance of the interior, minimal energy consumption and silent operation of the system make the restaurant environment pleasant. The correct selection of the air conditioning and ventilation system and equipment reduces operating costs, makes running a restaurant simple and efficient, and makes the guest experience complete. A top-quality air conditioning solution for restaurants provides users with full temperature control, air flow regulation, low energy consumption, high air quality and low humidity – without unpleasant draughts or noise.

Cold rooms for kitchens

An integral part of every restaurant are its cooling systems. Careful selection of the right type of cooling unit will ensure the smooth functioning of your kitchen and contribute to a positive experience for the staff and the guests. The concept and size of the restaurant are the most important factors in choosing cooling equipment. Keeping food and supplies fresh is the priority of every restaurant. Cooling systems (cold rooms and refrigerated display cabinets, commercial refrigerators) should meet the requirements for quick preparation of food, reduce the need for daily deliveries, reduce the amount of waste, provide direct access to organized and perfectly preserved refrigerated foods, keeping the ingredients safe for consumption without compromising their quality.

Our air conditioning and cooling engineering departments provide a comprehensive solution:

  • consultations in the preparation of projects as well as in all phases of project development
  • professional help in choosing the best solution
  • expert advice in choosing equipment
  • quick delivery of the equipment by the agreed deadline service
  • technical support during installation
  • commissioning expert advice and technical support during the maintenance of the mounted equipment

MB Frigo Grupa has more than 40 years of experience in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, and its expert team provides a quality solution for spaces of different purposes in the entire project or in a particular phase of the project’s realization. Long-term cooperation with well-known global air conditioning and cooling technology manufacturers ensures a wide range of products, their availability and fast delivery.