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Arctic Monoblock

Monoblock with natural and ecological refrigerant R290.

The Arctic Monoblock is an 'all in one' cooling system designed for cold rooms up to 20 m³. It represents an ideal solution for commercial use in various types of facilities (hotels & restautants, retail, gas stations, etc.).

The Arctic Monoblock uses the refrigerant R290, achieving an environmentally friendly solution and ensuring energy efficiency.

The units are designed with a focus on compactness and simplicity. The compact design allows for easy installation, application, maintenance, and servicing.

General Features:

Efficient and Effective Cooling: The units are designed to provide top-notch cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal conditions for preserving the freshness of products.

Ideal for Commercial Settings: The units are perfectly tailored to the demands of various commercial environments, offering reliable and efficient service in restaurants, stores, and other business spaces.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant R290: In line with our commitment to environmental conservation, we use the refrigerant R290, which is environmentally friendly and contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.

Reliable Operation and Long Lifespan: The units are built with the aim of ensuring long-term reliability and minimal maintenance, which ensures a prolonged lifespan of the product and continuous efficiency.


  • Compact Design
  • "All in One" Solution for Cooling Chambers up to 20 m3
  • Suitable for Cooling Panels up to 120 mm Thickness
  • Simple Installation
  • Switch-Controlled Lighting and Cooling
  • Hot Gas Defrosting
  • R290 Natural Refrigerant


  • Hermetic Compressor
  • Electrical Supply, Protection, and Controller
  • Construction with Anti-Corrosive Protection
  • Air-Cooled Condenser with Fan
  • Dynamic Evaporator
  • Magnetic Valve for Hot Gas Defrosting
  • Capillary/TXV (Thermostatic Expansion Valve) Depending on Model
  • Filter Drier
  • HP/LP Compressor Protective Pressure Switch
  • Condensate Drain Heater
  • Condensate Tray with Overflow Drain

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