Custom made cold rooms

in a step of 40mm angle expansion 5˚ combination of two different panel thickness

We can produce cold rooms in almost any shape and size. Insulation panels are made in a range of up to 8,5m, no matter how complex your needs maybe we can achieve it.

There are various activities that require a cold room.

Restaurants, hotels, companies that work in hospitality, florists, and companies engaged in research and laboratories. Each of these activities will have a need for a different cold room type.

For example, a hotel may need a larger cold room for long-term food storage, while the lab may need to store only an example in a smaller room. Therefore, we offer to each client custom-designed cold rooms to precisely meet their needs.

MB Frigo uses modular panels to create its cold rooms, thus you have complete control over the size of the cold room you need. Refrigeration panels with cam locks are made as a groove-tongue and attached to each other with buckles, providing an excellent combination of quality grip and insulation across the entire panel. The panels are sturdy and energy-efficient, thus saving your money and electricity.

Our cold room dimensions are in a step of 40mm, which allows you maximal space usage.
Angles + 90˚we are extending for 5˚what allows you to place the cold room into almost any room.

We are building combined cold rooms in different panel thicknesses. A combined cold room is built in a way as one cold room with a division wall, whereby one room can be used for negative temperature area and another for positive. It is also possible to build few cold rooms one to another, even in an „L“shape.

Advantages of custom cold rooms

A cold room made specifically to suit your needs means that you won’t have to spend any extra money on space you don’t need.

Once your business has grown, there may be a need for more cold room space, and with modular panels a cold room can be expanded very easily.

1. Instead of buying a whole new cold room, simply add a few more panels to the existing one.
2. If you do run out of space and need to expand, the costs will still be manageable.
3. All panels are made in our factory, easy and quick to assemblein any environment which prevents any delays in construction caused by weather conditions.


Our cold rooms are used by many clients in various industries and in various applications.

In order to offer you the best solution- the cold room that suits your needs and your environment: Simply select your industry and using our application create your custom made cold room, click here.

What others say about us

Thank you for a good cooperation we have since year 2012.
MB Frigo was always offering good and on time solutions for our projects. They are professionally doing their job and giving always an extra mile to make our work easier. Not once they accommodated our needs in terms of delivery delay and/or making changes in short notice time. We like to work with them and hope our cooperation will last for many coming years.

Mr. Niels KristensenCooltrade

It is our pleasure to work with MB Frigo. Our cooperation last since year 2004.
The products they produce are high quality and meet ours as well as our client’s expectations.
MB Frigo offered on many occasions reliable solutions.
We used their products in many of our projects and would definitely recommend them.

Alpiq lnTec Schweiz AGSwiss

Wir können Ihnen nun, nachdem wir bereits zwei Ihrer Kühlzellen montiert haben, mitteilen das wir mit diesem Produkt sehr zufrieden sind.

Ich war bei der Montage einer Kühlzelle selbst dabei und bin von der Qualität und Ausführung positivst überrascht.

Die Lieferung erfolgt immer Termin getreu und in tadellosem Zustand.

Durch die optimale Belegung konnten wir die Kühlzellen in kürzester Zeit montieren.

Es hat alles sehr gut gepasst und geklappt. Auch von unseren Kunden haben wir nur positive Feedbacks erhalten. Die Kühlzelle braucht eine Vergleich mit deutschen oder österreichischen Herstellern absolut nicht zu scheuen.

Das Produkt ist sicherlich empfehlenswert und wird von uns sicherlich wieder angefragt und eingesetzt.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Zwettl, 04.10.2017, www.lugauer.at

Lugauer Kälte GmbHAustria

Who we are?What we do?

MB Frigo Ltd. has been established in year 1981. We are specialized in production of refrigeration equipment.

Our production program emphasizes quality and flexibility as well as the possibility of making custom made products, according to the client’s requirements.

Innovative production process, continued investment in professional development of our employees as well as constant fleet modernization are resulting in high-quality and innovative products.

During all activities we take care of the application of all the relevant legal and professional regulations and are meeting all environmental standards.

All company´s activities are certified according to ISO 9001: 2008. and ISO 14001: 2004.

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