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Investing in Education

The MB Frigo Group's commitment to investing in education and future generations aims to contribute to the community and enhance the market for air conditioning and refrigeration technology in the Adriatic region.

Our goal is to support education and raise awareness among future generations about the use of natural working substances in refrigeration technology, enabling them to become active participants in environmental protection and advocates of energy-efficient systems.

In recent years, we have donated CO2 refrigeration units to mechanical engineering faculties in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, and Belgrade.

These units will be integrated into the thermodynamics laboratories at the faculties, thus improving the educational process and the research work of students.

The donation project is focused on investing in education and the development of new, ecological technologies. MB Frigo Group and Carel, as partner companies, were chosen for their reputation and quality in the field of refrigeration technology.

With more than 40 years of experience in the market, MB FRIGO strives to transform its extensive knowledge and experience into activities that will positively impact the community and future generations of students.

Collaboration between the academic community and business entities opens up new opportunities for students. Through practical work with top-quality equipment, students will acquire key knowledge and skills necessary for successful work in the future.

Refrigeration technology is a dynamic field that constantly experiences changes and innovations, especially in terms of environmentally friendly solutions, increased energy efficiency, and advanced management capabilities. In this context, continually monitoring trends and investing in knowledge becomes essential for all professionals in the industry.

The installed ArctiCO2 refrigeration units use CO2 as an environmentally friendly working substance, are equipped with an innovative inverter compressor, and include the advanced Carel BOSS system for monitoring and management. This system allows remote monitoring and management via the internet on various devices such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones, further encouraging flexibility and accessibility in education.