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100% Inverter Based Technology

The new SMARTPACK2 rooftop unit CKN-XHE2i with 100% Inverter technology is intended for small and medium-sized commercial premises.

There are three models available, with cooling power between 20 and 50 kW and supply air flow between 3,200 and 10,500 m3/h. 100% inverter-based technology The inverter-based technology of the SMARTPACK2 unit exists in the following components: the inverter compressor enables continuous capacity regulation, depending on the seasonal needs of the premises. high-efficiency pressure radial air injection fan driven by an inverter-based electric motor enables regulation at a constant or variable air flow (the CCK variant of the device uses the same technology in the waste air fan). the external air axial fan is also equipped with inverter-based technology that enables regulation of the rotation speed, depending on the condensation temperature. regulation optimizes consumption in order to achieve maximum efficiency in each operating mode. Characteristics The CCK variant of the ClivetPack2 series is equipped with a waste air section and thermodynamic waste air heat recovery; it also has the option of free cooling and processes fresh outside air. The CKN-XHE2i is equipped with a user interface with its own power supply and the possibility of a wired connection with the unit up to a distance of 300 m, and enables full control of the unit. The serial port on the board provides access to the operating variables for ModBus. SMARTPACK2 has the standard equipment, with all the components necessary for proper operation, and in addition, enables selection of numerous options for further adaptation of the device to the needs of the user. The device has a Eurovent certificate, and the values ​​of the SEER and SCOP coefficients exceed the values ​​prescribed in the regulation ErP 2018 (EU) 2016/2281 and are among the highest in the category.