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The first CO2 cooling system in the meat industry

PPK Karlovac’s ArctiCO2 cooling system project for cooling tunnels for freezing hanging meat.

One of the largest meat processing companies in Croatia, PPK – karlovačka mesna industrija d.d., started using its first cooling system with CO2 as refrigerant in 2017. The company entrusted the design, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the refrigeration plant to MB Frigo Grupa, its long-standing partner in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology. The project with cascade systems with CO2 and R134a as refrigerants is one of the largest of its kind carried out in Croatia.

Technical details

Refrigeration equipment: Cooling system with CO2  Use: cooling of the tunnel for freezing hanging meat Capacity: according to project needs Industry: meat industry Client: PPK Karlovac d.o.o. Location: Karlovac