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Food canning and processing areas

A professional solution for cooling systems for food canning and processing areas.

Customized sophisticated refrigeration equipment ensures high quality and safety of food. Preserve the appearance, texture, taste and nutritional content of food in the entire supply chain. Controlled temperature and minimal temperature fluctuations with high energy efficiency and reliable operation.

Our cooling engineering department provides a comprehensive solution: consultations in the preparation of projects as well as in all phases of project development professional help in choosing the best solution expert advice in choosing equipment quick delivery of the equipment by the agreed deadline service and technical support during installation and commissioning expert advice and technical support during the maintenance of the mounted equipment MB Frigo Grupa has more than 40 years of experience in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, and its expert team provides a quality solution for spaces of different purposes in the entire project or in a particular phase of the project’s realization. Long-term cooperation with well-known global cooling technology manufacturers ensures a wide range of products, their availability and fast delivery.