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No.1 Sales in Croatia

MB Frigo Group is proudly recognized as the leading distributor of Toshiba air conditioning equipment in Croatia

In September 2023, the 14th Toshiba Convention was held in Prague. This significant event was attended by 30 distributors of Toshiba air conditioning equipment from 11 different countries.

MB Frigo Group is proudly acknowledged as the top distributor of Toshiba air conditioning equipment in Croatia, achieving the highest sales results.

Toshiba has had a presence in Croatia for over 30 years, and MB Frigo Group was the first to recognize the exceptional quality and strong brand of Toshiba air conditioning equipment.

Over the past 30 years, we have actively participated in numerous trade shows, executed diverse projects, ranging from smaller to larger ones, and in collaboration with partners, installed Toshiba air conditioning units in homes across the Adria region.

TOSHIBA promotes research and development in terms of energy efficiency and cleaner technology, developing products that not only consume significantly less energy but also contribute to maintaining air quality through high-tech air purification systems for residential and commercial use.

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