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Haier UVC sterilization at the Karlovac General Hospital

Haier UVC sterilization is an advanced air conditioning technology that ensures purified air in the most relevant areas of the hospital.

Karlovac General Hospital decided to install Haier Flexis Plus air conditioners. They want to provide their employees with better working conditions (quality, purified, and safe air), and their patients with the greatest possible safety during surgical procedures.   It is common knowledge that during surgical procedures, a sterile environment and strict procedures in the operating theater are of utmost importance. The premises should be completely free of microorganisms and safe for patients. The Haier Flexis Plus model has a built-in UVC air filtration system that instantly inhibits all airborne hazards and is proven effective in eliminating the Covid-19 virus. „We followed the recommendation of Tehno-Pal, our long-term partner maintaining all our air conditioning equipment, and chose devices that will provide us with better working conditions and a more comfortable and safe stay for our patients in the hospital area (operating theater)“, said J.S.D. Nikša Antica, M.A. in Quality Management in Healthcare and director of the Karlovac General Hospital. Why did Karlovac General Hospital choose the Haier Flexis air conditioner model with a UVC lamp? The effectiveness of the UVC lamp in the fight against the Covid-19 virus has been confirmed by the global research organization Texcell SA (an independent virus testing laboratory).  Tests have shown that Haier air conditioners with UVC sterilization function destroy the COVID virus (SARS-CoV-2) with 99.998% efficiency rate in the space where they are used. A study conducted by Texcell proves the effectiveness of the UVC lamp in the fight against infections caused by the COVID-19 virus. The UVC lamp inside the air conditioner uses UVC light radiation with a spectrum wavelength in the range of 270-280 nm and the air passing through the air conditioner is exposed to this radiation. Haier UVC sterilization works by damaging the DNA and RNA structure of the virus. In that way, the microorganism cannot perform its vital cellular functions. It effectively eliminates the danger of viruses and bacteria in the air and ensures that the air is clean and healthy.