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HAIER UVC filtration

Texcell SA, a global research organization, confirmed that Haier air conditioners with UVC LAMP effectively destroy 99.998% of the COVID virus (SARS-CoV-2) in closed facilities.

The Haier UVC LAMP - UVC (Ultraviolet C), a type of UV rays, with a spectrum wavelength in the range of 200-280 nm, is used for disinfection in people's daily lives. It works by liquefying the DNA and RNA structure of viruses, rendering the microorganism unable to perform vital cellular functions. The Haier UVC LAMP  emits rays with a wavelength between 270-280 nm. The device is installed on the indoor unit of the air conditioner, on the evaporator, and generates rays near the air inlet from the right to the left side when the function is on. When air passes through an area exposed to UVC rays, it instantly stops airborne hazards and brings healthy air into the room. Texcell study A study conducted by Texcell confirms that the effectiveness of the UVC LAMP  is expected to reduce the risk of infection caused by COVID-19. MB Frigo Group presented new Haier models of air conditioners with UVC lamps: Flexis Plus, Flair, and Pearl. Haier air conditioners have certificates for compliance with all environmental standards,   and they were named world number 1 in the category of "smart" air conditioners as well as number 1 in the category of „smart“ and in the category of air conditioners with cleaning and filtering functions.