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Haier heat pumps

An integrated heating and cooling solution for perfect comfort at home.

Haier heat pumps are the most efficient way of heating a space and heating hot water for any type of facility. Haier systems are the most efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that significantly reduces energy consumption, heating costs and negative impact on the environment compared to traditional heating systems.

A smart, eco-friendly solution that ensures lower heating costs and significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to oil and gas heating systems. Domestic hot water Fresh hot water with maximum efficiency and energy savings all year round. Wide range of water heating temperature settings from 35°C to 75°C. It prepares hot water very efficiently using the heat from the room, thus saving up to 75% of the household’s electricity.  The future of heating With reliable heating, quick and easy installation, Super Aqua fits perfectly with systems that include underfloor heating, fan coils and low-temperature radiators. Efficient heating even at very low outdoor temperatures. 

Haier presents the PTV (monobloc & split) solution for heating domestic hot water and Super Aqua (monobloc & split), the latest generation of air-to-water heat pumps designed for use in residential and commercial facilities.  For the complete range of Haier heat pumps, visit the website