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Energy efficiency for condensing units

Connectivity and energy saving with the new Carel µRack.

For a new convenience store in Zagreb, MB Frigo asked CAREL to equip a small compressor rack with a control system able to guarantee extremely fast commissioning, simplified unit interaction and high energy efficiency. The new µRack hardware platform is a completely upgraded and evolved solution whose strengths are connectivity and energy saving.

To meet the needs of the end customer, including efficiency and energy saving, and with a view to guaranteeing the fastest and most effective installation possible, MB Frigo identified µRack, CAREL’s latest controller for compact compressor racks, as the ideal solution for the specific project. Through this collaboration with CAREL, the new store was supplied with a small compressor rack, equipped with a compact and new generation control solution, guaranteeing high energy efficiency. The flexibility of the system adopted, combined with the extremely easy to navigate user interface, also allowed parameter configuration and unit commissioning in record time.


The compressor rack supplied by MB Frigo is equipped with four Bitzer reciprocating compressors (R449A), the first of which with a frequency inverter to ensure precise pressure control and, consequently, significant energy savings.

The CAREL proposal was to use the new µRack to guarantee three key aspects in the installation:

  • Simplified interaction: NFC and Bluetooth connectivity are used to replicate the traditional features of the user interface on the dedicated APPLICA mobile app, designed and developed by CAREL for interaction with parametric controllers.
  • Energy saving: management of modulating loads makes it possible to achieve the highest efficiency, using the 0-10 V analogue outputs for variable speed fans and compressors.
  • Direct connection to the supervisory system: the built-in BMS serial port means the controller can be connected directly to CAREL or third-party supervisory systems (ModBus protocol).

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