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Clivet heat pumps

Smart solution for heating and cooling your home.

Clivet heat pumps meet all the users’ needs for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation. A unique system for maximum comfort all year round. Clivet heat pump systems ensure superior comfort in all seasons: with heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water all year round. Heat pumps reduce CO2 emissions and thus help improve air quality and reduce the greenhouse effect

Clivet heat pump features: heating; cooling; domestic hot water; connectivity; combination of solar or photovoltaic panels; distribution via fan coils, heating via floor/wall/suspended ceiling and radiators.

Split air-to-water heat pumps SPHERA is a series of split air-to-water heat pumps with all functions integrated. They also offer: installation in a case or without a case wide power range ALTO design full control anytime, anywhere with the app
Hybrid heat pumps Clivet hybrid heat pumps have the same functions as the SPHERA split air-to-water heat pumps and, additionally, an integrated water heater. Heat pump and boiler included in one unit installation in a case or without a case wide power range ALTO design aesthetics Application for full control anytime, anywhere
Monobloc heat pumps Monoblock heat pumps can heat, cool and produce domestic hot water (in combination with a water tank that can be selected depending on your needs: 200, 300 or 500 L). These heat pumps reach a high level of comfort and also take care of savings from the initial investment.