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CLIVET air recuperators

CLIVET presents a new generation of ELFOFresh Evo air recuperators.

ELFOFresh Evo air recuperator fully meets present day requirements for the number of changes of air and air purification in closed building systems as an ideal solution for clean air of controlled temperature and humidity, both for new buildings and for renovations of existing houses and offices. The recuperator works with the ecological refrigerant R32 and achieves active thermodynamic recovery of heat from the waste air of the room with a total capacity of 1.4 - 2.5 kW. Due to the inverter-based operation of both the compressor and the fan, the device achieves excellent seasonal energy efficiency and thermal comfort of the premises where it is installed. The operating range of the device is from -15°C to 45°C of external ambient temperature. In the cooling mode, the device can achieve a room temperature of 20°C at an outside temperature of +43°C, or in the heating mode of 22°C at an outside temperature of -15°C. The device works with air flows of 125-320 m3/h with self-regulating fans, depending on the desired flow of the incoming air stream. The recuperator comes in a sound-insulated, low-noise housing, only 290 mm high and 44 kg in weight.