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Cleaning and disinfecting agents

Everything for the maintenance of cooling and air conditioning systems in one place.

We represent well-known global manufacturers and advise on the purchase of cleaning agents for cooling and air conditioning systems.

For top performance and longevity of your systems, choose quality cleaning and disinfecting agents for internal and external cleaning of cooling and air conditioning devices. The products from our range can be concentrated or ready for use, in the form of foam or spray for a wide range of applications. With regular system maintenance: remove unpleasant odours, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould,  improve device performance, improve its energy efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment. Keep your refrigeration and HVAC equipment working reliably and for a long time with our selection of professional cleaning and disinfecting products.

We import and distribute the entire range of products for air conditioning and cooling systems: With more than 14,000 m2 of sales storage capacity and a stock of 10,000 different items, we ensure prompt and safe delivery of all our products in the region. In the MB Frigo Grupa shops you can find the complete range of cleaning and disinfecting agents that professional installers and servicemen need and get professional support from our commercial sector for every beginner and professional in air conditioning and refrigeration.