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Clivet Rooftop

Clivet presents a new generation of inverter package (Rooftop) units CLIVETPack3i up to 160 kW with refrigerant R32.

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Full Inverter technology (compressors, fans) Operating area in heating up to -15°C R32 refrigerant -> less filling (up to -50%) / lower GWP compared with R410A (-80% environmental impact) High seasonal efficiency (SEER, SCOP + 30% compared with ErP) Possibility of free cooling on the CBK version (new CBK-G configuration) CCK-REVO patented thermodynamic recovery system New option with energy recovery conditioner Double refrigerant circuit Low noise level thanks to the new quiet and super quiet mode of operation Improved compactness Modbus supplied as standard New accessories available (new iFD electronic filter technology, F9 filter in addition to F7, UV-C lamp in a designated module, current heating and cooling power meter with display of sensible and latent cooling fractions, remote control via Clivet Eye cloud service)

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