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Cold rooms for storage and preservation of potatoes

The storage and preservation of potatoes is associated with numerous difficulties because the tubers are unsuitable for preservation due to their chemical composition.

It is known that certain losses occur regularly during the storage and preservation of potatoes, which, depending on the storage conditions and varieties, can amount to up to 10% of the weight of the initially stored potatoes. We have to add to that the losses that are reflected in the quality of the tubers. They are caused by the evaporation of water, the enzymatic breakdown of starch and sugar, the consumption of sugar in the process of respiration, the germination of tubers, and the action of fungi and bacteria (rot and putrefaction). Therefore, potatoes should be properly stored at an air temperature of 4 to 5 oC and a relative air humidity of 90 - 95%. The warehouse must have an active ventilation system that ensures constant air circulation, removal of carbon dioxide and supply of oxygen-rich air. As most of our producers and resellers do not have such warehouses, potatoes are usually stored in isolated warehouses or cellars where optimal conditions do not exist. Potato quality in Croatia An additional problem appeared in June last year, when the European Commission adopted Regulation 2019/989, according to which they must put out of use means for preventing the germination of potatoes in the warehouse based on chlorpropham (Tuberite N, Neo-stop, Tuberprop) by the 8 October 2020 at the latest. This decision of the European Commission requires the construction of new warehouses or adaptation of the existing ones, which requires large financial resources and more expensive storage of potatoes. The market in Croatia has become increasingly demanding regarding the quality of potatoes and the appearance of the packaging. Today, potatoes are mostly sold washed or brushed in small packages (1, 1.5, 2.5, 3, 5 and 10 kg) in supermarkets, and less often in markets. In an effort to shorten the time of preparing potato dishes, the so-called minimally processed potatoes, which are peeled, sliced, and packaged potatoes ready for use in households or restaurants shows an increasing demand. Minimally processed potatoes are a desirable product due to their practicality and ease of use, but they are very sensitive and perishable. Naturally, all this requires investment in machines for finishing and/or processing potatoes. The text was taken from the portal Gospodarski list: Cold rooms for storage and preservation of potatoes MB Frigo Group offers a complete solution for storage and preservation of potatoes in cooling chambers. The chambers are specific because the temperature range should be minimal and the conditions should be ideal, i.e. strictly controlled with multiple probes temperature in several places inside the chamber. The temperature inside the chamber is monitored using a controller that, in the event of a deviation or failure, enables a notification to the technical person in charge.