What is U-value?

Thermal transmittance, also known as U-value, is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure (which can be a single material or a composite), divided by the difference in temperature across that structure.

It stands for the amount of heat that flows through a surface of 1 m² in one second with a temperature difference of 1 ° C between the indoor and outdoor areas. The units of measurement are W/m²K.

MB FRIGO takes into account the “U” value of the entire cold room (all connections included).

ISO 80 –  0,26 W/m²K

ISO 100 –  0,20 W/m²K

ISO 120-  0,17 W/m²K

ISO 160 –  0,13 W/m²K

Why is it important to know whether it is a “U” value calculation over just one panel or a “U” value of total cold room?

Because most of the heat loss is between joints of the panels.

The better-insulated a structure is, the lower the U-value will be, and the less the component allows heat to escape.