We are proud to announce that for our new cold room line ARCTICELL we have obtained the certificate “Reaction to fire” EN 13501-1, issued by a notified body/SYSTEM 1. Our panels are classified: Cs3d0.

There are several options for the producer to choose how his product will be certified.

We have decided to go for the rigorous option System 1, which is an extra safety/added value for a customer, meaning it is controlled by an independent, accredited third party (notified body=NB)

  • System 4 = initial product testing by the manufacturer
  • System 3 = initial product testing by the accredited laboratory
  • System 1 = initial product testing by the accredited laboratory + NB

 What is Reaction to Fire?

Reaction to fire is the response of a product in contributing, by its own decomposition, to a fire to which it is exposed. It relates to the combustibility and ignitability of building materials and can be used to determine how much energy they contribute to the growth of a fire. It is therefore important during the early stages of a fire.

The European Commission defines a Notified Body as “an organization designated by an EU country to assess the conformity of certain products before being placed on the market.” Notified Bodies are responsible for inspecting a product’s design, manufacturing, and workability to ensure compliance with defined standards and regulations.

EU reaction to fire classification EN 13501-1/ Cs3d0 became an equivalent to the former German classification DIN 4102-1/ B1

*In tenders you might still find the old legislative according to DIN.